About us

Located in Le Landeron, Neuchâtel, Ramseyer & Cie SA is a well-known machining company that has specialised in the manufacture of
technically sophisticated precision-turned parts for more than 50 years.

Ramseyer & Cie’s services include consultation, development, and complete machining and production; all customer-specific,
pre-finished parts are produced with Swiss quality.

The company uses state-of-the-art machinery and measuring systems,
and even manufactures its own collets (with a clamping range of 3 to 16 mm).

Our Commitment

We fulfil the requirements for all sectors of the industry. Located in Le Landeron, Ramseyer & Cie SA offers superior manufacturing expertise and processes all types of raw material to the finished product.

The machining company employs technically proven staff and supports its customers from development through to punctual delivery of goods competently and efficiently. Ramseyer & Cie SA is the right address not only for large-scale industry, but also for SMEs.

our services

Ramseyer & Cie SA specialises in solutions for precision-turned parts. The company offers complete machining services for finished parts: turning, milling and grinding with surface and heat treatment. Micro-components, shafts, axels, washers, cylinders or spindles – the range is endless.

We can also produce complex component assemblies on request. We undertake every step, from sourcing of individual components to finished assembly, including in particular procurement of standard, bent, stamped and cast parts. With its tailor-made solutions, Ramseyer & Cie SA combines all components to provide the end client with a finished product that is technology at its best.


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Ramseyer & Cie SA

Postfach 312
Chemin de la Petite-Thielle 20
2525 Le Landeron

Tel.: +41 032 751 31 33

Fax: +41 032 751 53 01

Email: info@ramseyersa.ch